Pastor David Moore3/3/2019
I John 2:15-17 -- Two Different Destinies -- Sunday Evening

Pastor David Moore1/27/2019
I Peter Series -- God wants us to be real

Pastor David Moore1/23/2019
Revelation 3 -- The Church at Philadelphia

Pastor & Missionary Harley Schrock10/21/2018
Missions Sunday 2018

Pastor David Moore9/23/2018
Fight the Good Fight of Faith -- I Timothy 6:11-16 Grand View Baptist Church Sunday Morning....233 NE 58th Ave, Ocala, FL

Pastor David Moore6/17/2018
Power in Prayer! I Timothy 2:1-8

Pastor David Moore6/10/2018
Fight for What is Right! I Timothy 1:18-20

Pastor David Moore6/3/2018
Experience the Change! I Timothy 1:12-17

Pastor David Moore4/29/2018
I Timothy Series Kick Off! I Timothy is the Ultimate Handbook for the Church! Today's message is from I Timothy 1:1-2 Encouragement to Stand Firm

Pastor David Moore2/4/2018
Biblical Evangelism 101